Our yearly elected committee play a pivotal role in the running of the club, coming from a mix of years, these fine men put in countless hours into making everyones experience at the EUMCC as amazing as possible

Ben Twine - Club Captain



Year: 3rd

Team: 1s

Role: Delegating

Choice of beverage: Vodka lime soda

Inspirational Figure: Jonathon Burden

Lid: Clair Balding

Rig: Jiggly

Favourite Quote: “We had a bit of a size problem” (Forbes Bell)

Dan Damley-Jones - Treasurer 



Year: 3rd

Team: 3s

Course: History

Role: Reserve Specialist Wicketkeeper

Choice of Beverage: Half Bitter Shandy

Inspirational Figures: Pavel Florin

Lid: Better than first year

Rig: Worse than first year

Favourite quote: My mum keeps thinking you’re my boyfriend which I found hilarious” - Multiple females

Olly Massey - Social Sec



Year: 3rd

Team: 3s

Course: Economics 

Role: Bowl 8, don't bat

Choice of beverage: Ruddle

Inspirational figure: @buzzaboutcricket

Lid: 1 faded into 2 on the back and sides and a bit off on top

Rig: Long

Favourite quote: "Under the bus!" - Matt Clarke, often


Sam Brill - Social Sec 



Year: 3rd

Team: Club

Course: Law

Role: Run rate clogger

Choice of Beverage: Orangina

Inspirational Figure: Joe Denly

Lid: Quite nice

Rig: Premature

Favourite quote: “Can you see the bottom yet Bough?” (Jonny English)


Charlie Fernandes - Social Sec



Year: 2nd

Team: 2s

Course: History

Role: Bat 8 don’t bowl

Choice of beverage: Anything I can shake

Inspirational figure: Forbes Bell

Lid: Standard

Rig: Substandard

Favourite quote: “Oh Matty Clarke, he plays for Exeter greens” (George Reid)

Toby Gill - Publicity sec 



Year: 3rd

Team: n/a

Course: Economics

Role: Reserve twelfth man

Choice of beverage: Pret white filter coffee - reusable cup 

Inspirational figure: Marcus Hett  

Lid: Boring

Rig: Trying too hard 

Favourite quote: “No wait! Toby I’ll wet myself for you” - (Olly Massey, 2018)

George Reid - Stash sec



Year: 2nd

Team: 1s

Course: IR

Role: Protect Ben Wells

Choice of beverage: Saint-Emillion 2005 

Inspirational figure: The Nut

Lid: Regulation 

Rig: Fluctuating 

Favourite quote: “I really don't think you understand the repercussions of this." (Olly Massey 2018)

Oliver Hunt - Intramural & Sponsorship



Year: 3rd

Team: 3s

Course: Economics

Role: Professional Pie chucker 

Choice of beverage: Fosters shandy

Inspirational figure: Rahkeem Cornwall

Lid: Suspect

Rig: Boditrax:”Underexercised 12 year old”

Favourite quote: “oh hunty you delicious boy and this delicious pint will go right down my stomach” (MV4P 2018)



Ben Carding - Intramural and Fixtures



Year: 3rd

Team: 3s

Course: History

Role: Wearing every short ball

Choice of beverage: Fanta Limón

Inspirational Figure: Chris Kamara

Lid: really really endangered

Rig: 2:2

Favourite Quote: We are trying desperately to get as many people playing cricket as possible’ (Jack Bradbury, 10:52 01/04/2018)


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